Electric Power Converter Development
Researching & Developing High Efficiency Power Conversion Circuit
Hardware & Software Development for Power Embedded Systems
Using High Speed / Performance DSP, MCU w/FPU for Complex Power Conversion Circuit Development
Reversing and Modifying Embedded Circuit
Hacking Embedded Circuit Signal or Data from Produced Electronic Systems
Electronic & Mechanic Automation System
Interlocking Electronic Systems and Mechanic Systems for Automation Solutions
Industrial Application Development
Combining Electronic System and User Interface for Industrial Application Such as Manufacturing, Logistics, and Power Plants

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DNS Server, HTTPS SSL Certification, Multimedia Station

DNS Server

자체 DNS 서버 적용 도메인 -> NAS DNS 정, 역방향 Server DNS A도메인, CNAME 도메인등 설정

HTTPS SSL Certification

Let's Encrypt 인증서 적용. HTTPS 도메인 접속 시 각 서비스별 보안 연결을 통한 개인정보 보호

Multimedia Station

WebDAV를 통한 동영상 플레이, 시놀로지 자체 Station 패키지를 이용한 멀티미디어 관리 및 Moments 사진 관리

Who's "datafaber"?

About administrator

Electronics Engineering in 12

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What do you develop?

About main development field

Electric Power Conversion

ⓐ DC-DC Converters
ⓑ DC-AC Inverter
ⓒ Energy Storage System
ⓓ Solar Generation System
ⓔ E-Vehicle Charge System

Hardware Development

ⓐ Power Conversion Topology
ⓑ Drawing Schematic & PCB Artwork
ⓒ PWM IC Based Analog Control Circuit
ⓓ MCU Based Digital Control Circuit
ⓔ Complex Control Circuit

Software Development

ⓐ UI/UX C++/C# Development
ⓑ C based GCC Compiler
ⓒ 8Bit AVR/PIC MCU Development
ⓓ 32Bit ARM-Cortex MCU Development
ⓔ Keil/IAR/STM32CubeMX IDE/CCS...

Hobby Making

Some Gadgets which i made for fun or research projects

Making [hh/mm] Digital Clock

DIY Pentax DSLR Cable Release

DIY 2D CNC Plotter With C# + ATmega128

DIY 2D CNC Plotter With C# + ATmega128 #5

Atmega8 IR Transmitter – Shutter

220v Triac + IR Remote Control

V-Usb HID Machine Key Generator

LED 16 Segment Bar Shifting Test

Dualshock 4 Modifying Project 1

Dualshock4 Modify – Button Test

Dualshock4 Modify – Game Test 1

DJMAX Respect Modified Controller 4B

Dualshock 4 Modifying Project 2

Dualshock4 Custom RGB LED Controller Test

DJMAX RESPECT Ver. Custom Controller

Dualshock 4 Modifying Project 3

Custom PCB Controller BUTTON LED

Custom PCB Controller (Ver.Third) Test

Custom PCB Controller In game Test 1

Custom PCB Controller In game Test 2

1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet

Attached with 1000BASE-T GbE Fiber Optic Ethernet - Cat5E Router / Switch

Xeon Server


Xeon Workstation


Synology NAS


Desktop PC